Chris Vanderweyen ° 1952


I read Political and Social Sciences at Leuven University 

I was a lecturer at Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design.

I have been leading my own company, passionately devoting myself  to communication and images..

Exhibition Solo : Bonheiden ,Fata Morgana,2020

Group : Bozar, Belgicart Damme 2021

(upcoming) Exhibition Solo: Antwerp, La Beauté se partage 2024



Photography was born in black and white, then photos were often coloured with ecoline.

I started playing with this idea, to work not digitally but artfully, with different types of paints and inks. So I paint on the picture, which adds depth to the whole.

The intention not to mimic reality but to show things that are not present.

I use the word "Picturas" for this.

It is a fusion of the Spanish word pintura, meaning painting, and picture, meaning photograph.



On a daily basis we are submerged by pictures, so that we develop a kind of ‘blindness’.

As we read less and less and only have an eye for catchy, testosteron-charged headlines,

We are also put on a diet of vulgar clickbaits.

We scan pictures without ‘reading’ them.

Beauty is an antidote.

I want to show things that are not present.

But who, through beauty, create confusion and wonder.

So that finally our phantasy will take over.